Our premises and our professionals


Our staff is constantly updated on all the newest techniques and specializes in three particular fields of rehabilitation: post-traumatic/degenerative illness, neurological and spinal disease.
At the beginning of therapy, one of our physiotherapists will identify the functional limitations and disability quota of a patient via a process of strict medical diagnosis and clinical evaluation. A functional diagnosis helps us to deliver a personalized therapy plan, tailored to each patient’s specific needs.


During the initial consultation, one of our physiotherapists will identify the painful and debilitating effects of a patient’s illness, evaluating what motor skills are left and what is the potential for a rebalancing of the neurological aspect.
We assess a patient’s rehabilitation needs according to strict evaluation criteria and by investigating their muscular and articular motility.


Each therapy path will aim for a series of pre-planned objectives, which are established with the patient beforehand.
The patient will be kept up to date with the progress in every step of the way, as they will be assigned a single therapist throughout the treatment. Though we employ all the latest electromedical technologies, our method is rooted in manual therapy. All our operators hold extraordinary skills and experience in ‘feeling’ the muscular tissues, aiding recovery in a non-invasive way.


When the end of the treatment is approaching, we’ll assess the results by asking our patients’ to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire. We aim for all symptoms to disappear or be sensibly lessened, and to recover the functions of the affected part at its best potential.
At the end of the rehabilitation process, patients will receive a personalized exercise plan, should they wish to carry on exercising in their own time, either at home or in our facilities. Keeping on a targeted exercise regime, in fact, reduces the risk of future injury and optimizes performance.


Our patients know how dedicated we are: we often develop long and productive friendships and working relationships, which makes us feel proud of ourselves and our achievements.
All our therapists focus on positive reinforcement, using all their skills and experience to bring out the best in our patients.

Physiotherapy Fisiokinetic

Our Machinery

To complement our core manual therapeutic techniques, we employ all the best new electromedical and rehabilitative technologies, as well as computerized evaluation. Our key tools are shockwaves, laser therapy, tecar therapy, electroanalgesia (TENS, diadynamic, manutech), magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy, ionophoresis, and transdermal injection. For rehabilitation, we use proprioceptive and isokinetic platforms and a treadmill that can be specifically set to a slower speed. We use a stabilometric platform to assess the incidence of postural disease.