riabilitazione ortopedica

Our patients require day-to-day support to improve their wellbeing in such a way that allows them to freely pursue their individual interests and social relationships. Our interdisciplinary approach aims to meet these requirements in the most satisfactory way. Our rehabilitation plans are tailored to each patient and complemented by pharmaceutical therapy. We seek to meet each of our customer’s motivational and relational needs.


We aim to offer our patients a fast and efficient diagnosis, with a view to quickly establish what the best path to rehabilitation is. Our physiotherapists work closely with doctors, looking to diminish pain effectively in the shortest time possible. We follow each initial assessment with more specialized tests, including ultrasounds, targeted orthopaedic check-ups and injections.


There are as many types of rehabilitative intervention as there are patients, and our therapy plans are tailored to all needs. From children to elderly patients, patients suffering from spinal disease and victims of road accidents: we always bear in mind a patient’s specific case history when delivering our care plans. Our detailed patient files help us working together as a team.

Our Centre offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation to those recovering from surgery, trauma and osteoarticular degenerative disease.

We offer:

  • Physical therapy, employing electromedical equipment (shockwave therapy, tecar, laser, etc.)
  • Kinesitherapy, including rehabilitative motor exercises and muscular build-up, carried out both manually and with the help of small exercising tools and isotonic machines.
  • Proprioceptive rehabilitation, employing computerized machinery and Freeman plates.
  • Manual therapy, including postural re-education, osteopathic techniques, massotherapy.


Post-traumatic Issues

Among the most common issues caused by trauma that we treat at Fisiokinetic are: sprains of the knee, the cruciate ligament, the meniscus, the ankle, dislocation of the shoulder, long-term consequences of fractures and muscular sprains, whiplash, complex polytraumas.

Post-surgical Issues

Among the most common post-surgical issues that we treat at Fisiokinetic are: meniscus, cruciate ligament, rotator cuff, dislocation or instability of the shoulder, fractures, external fixator, replacements of the hip, the knee and the elbow, osteosynthesis.

Degenerative Illnesses

Impingement syndrome or periarthritis, lesion of rotary shoulder cuff, bursitis, arthrosis of the hip, patellofemoral pain syndrome, tendonitis and tendinosis of the Achilles’ tendon, plantar fasciitis, cartilage lesions, pubalgia, Dupuytren’s contracture, carpal tunnel syndrome, headache, migraine.

Spinal Disease

Cervicalgia, cervicobrachialgia, acute or chronic low back pain, lumbosciatica, spinal pain due to bad posture, connections between foot posture and dental health, protrusion of the disc, spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis, lack of balance, spondylolisthesis, spondyloarthrosis, lumbar discopathy, osteophytosis, scoliosis, dimorphism, paramorphism, headache.

Developmental Diseases

Among the most common developmental pathologies we treat: epiphysiolysis, paramorphism, dimorphism, habit, scoliosis, flat feet, pes cavus, hyperkyphosis, syndromes of Scheuermann, Osgood-Schlatter, Sever, Haglund.

Aging-associated Diseases

We look after patients struggling with diseases brought on by age on a day-to-day basis – among the most common syndromes we treat: long-term effects associated with replacement surgery, osteoporosis, deformity, vertebral deterioration, immobility syndrome.