· What ·

At the Fisiokinetic Centre we practice physiotherapy as well as orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation. We also specialize in sports rehabilitation and health support for athletes, both preventive and post-trauma.

· How ·

Our years of experience in the field have led us to develop the Fisiokinetic Method: a team of specialized professionals working closely, combining manual therapeutic techniques with the use of the best new technologies.

· Where ·

Our practices and gyms are located in La Fontina, Ghezzano (Pisa) and at the Casa di Cura S. Rossore (Pisa). Just pop in and ask for a tour of the premises.

  • Paolo Conticini

    Paolo Conticini


    Too often my love of sports has led to push my body too far; Fisiokinetic helped me relearn to respect it and love it.

  • Martina Batini

    Martina Batini

    Fencer, Italian foil champion 2014, Silver European medal 2014, Gold World medal, Tauber 2014

    Dealing with an injury is never easy for an athlete, especially when you can’t compete for months. Fisiokinetic were vital in supporting me through recovery, both physically and emotionally, making the whole process a great deal easier.

  • Francesco Martinelli

    Francesco Martinelli

    Fencer, epée Silver medal in the Italian championship 2013, Italian team Gold medal, part of the Italian team in 5 World championships

    Recovering can be painful, but stopping completely is dying. I am hugely grateful to Fisiokinetic for helping me to keep strong along the road to recovery. It has been hard work, but it would have been so much harder without their help.

  • Simone Folletti

    Simone Folletti

    Head trainer team for AC Milan

    One of the best in Italy for post-traumatic therapy and full rehabilitation for professional athletes.

  • Delmas Obou

    Delmas Obou

    00m Italian champion 2013 – member of the Italian team for the World Championships in Moscow 2013

    I am so grateful to the entire Fisiokinetic team for getting me back on my feet. I would have never beaten my personal record for the 100m dash without their help!

  • Christian Amoroso

    Christian Amoroso

    Ex football player for Fiorentina, Bologna and Pisa. Professional coach

    These guys really look after every aspect of sport rehab!


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